The Virgo Hermit Tapestry


The Virgo Hermit Tapestry links Virgo with its Major Arcana Tarot counterpart "The Hermit".

6th on the zodiac calendar, the earth sign of Virgo shines a light in the dark, walking through the wheat fields contemplatively. With Mercury showing a strong presence in the sky, a blossoming morning glory, Virgo's flower, presents as a gift in solace. 

Nirvana Threads Zodiac-Tarot Calendar collection brings to life the relationship between each zodiac sign and it's matching Tarot card. Express your unique identity by showing your sign, captured through the original artwork of occult artist Aji Abram.


All of our tapestries are:

  • Easy to hang with thumbtacks, nails or pins

  • Machine washable for convenient care

  • 100% lightweight polyester, soft and sturdy with hand-sewn finishes

  • Durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Pro tip: Keep an extra tapestry in the trunk of your car for a spontaneous picnic blanket when on the go!