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5 Iconic Leo Female Fictional Characters

by Jacqueline Quach August 03, 2021 4 min read

Riddle me this: what has flair, ferocity, fire — and a tail to boot? Why, a Leo-ness, of course! Because these esteemed queens of the jungle also reign supreme over our TV and cinema screens, here are some prime examples of this sign of the Sun at its best and brightest:


1. Marge Gunderson from Fargo

Marge Gunderson Is A Leo Zodiac Female Character From The Movie Fargo


It’s no secret that Leos tend to be the proudest signs of the zodiac — after all, a group of lions is called a pride (and they’re run by lionesses!). However, they are actually a big-hearted bunch who can be quite humble despite their ambitious disposition. As police chief of Brainerd, Minnesota, Marge Gunderson embodies the accomplished yet diligent side of Leos. Despite being seven months pregnant and living in an unforgiving climate, Marge braves through morning sickness at the scene of a triple homicideunravels the film’s intricate tangle of mishaps better than her colleague does, and takes down a murderer all on her own. There are moments when this Leo’s compassion makes it hard for her to accept the cruelty of life, but she never complains nor loses her sunny smile.


2. Jackie Brown from Jackie Brown

Female Gun Yielding Zodiac Tough Characters Jackie Brown Black Women In Cinema

As the titular character of this Tarantino treasure, Jackie Brown is a refreshingly middle-aged femme fatale. A flight attendant who smuggles money for gun runner Ordell, Jackie operates on the wrong side of the law — though she’s always impeccably dressed to the nines, as any Leo would be. When the police arrest her with information from an informant, she doesn’t lose her cool or confess on the spot. Rather, she lights a cigarette as they rifle through her purse and inevitably find the money. This prowess keeps her alive when she anticipates Ordell’s attempt to kill and silence her. She turns the tables on him by threatening his nether regions with a gun she’s stolen from the bail bondsman he hired to pay for her release. She doesn’t kill Ordell though, as she’s in it for the long game and possesses the self-control of an apex predator. By the end of the film, Jackie exacts revenge on Ordell, outsmarts the ATF and LAPD, and runs away to Madrid with charges dropped and a pretty sum of $500,000.


3. Santana Lopez from Glee

Santana Lopez From Glee is a Leo Zodiac TV Character

Leos love to take center stage, and this is especially literal in the case of Santana Lopez. Portrayed by the late Naya Rivera, Santana is the queen bee of William McKinley High School. Although she already holds a leadership position as co-captain of the Cheerios, Santana’s ambition knows no bounds. She consistently fights tooth and nail to secure better roles in the Glee Club’s productions and isn’t afraid to confront her foes with some of the show’s most eloquent and scathing barbs. Although Santana knows she’s the best and doesn’t let anyone forget it, she always supports and defends her best friend Brittany, who eventually becomes senior class president. Like a true Leo, Santana is unwaveringly loyal to and genuinely wants the best for her loved ones. Finally, although she struggles with her sexuality, Santana comes to proudly embrace her lesbian identity and openly dates Brittany.

4. Lucy Kelson from Two Weeks Notice

Sandra Bullock as Lucy Kelson from Two Weeks Notice is a Leo Zodiac Movie Character

Driven by a whatever-it-takes mentality, Leos won’t take no for an answer, and failure isn’t an option for these fearless felines with a heart of gold. As a Harvard Law School graduate who is passionate about social justice, Lucy Kelson is a born leader who always ropes her friends into protesting the demolition of historic sites. But when her latest endeavor falls short, she takes up property developer George Wade’s offer to be his chief counsel in exchange for the preservation of her beloved community center. Yet even as she must balance her goals and his divorce proceedings, Lucy gives every corporate task her all and befriends her boss. As is characteristic of Leos, she is generous with her time and looks for the best in others, convincing George that he is more than a playboy with no cause to champion. Her optimism comes to inspire George, who falls in love with her and leaves his life of hedonism.

5. Mulan from Mulan

Mulan is a Leo Star Sign Zodiac. Disney's Mulan represents strong asian women in cinema and is a fire sign.

Family comes first for Leos, who are ruled by their hearts. When Mulan knows her father is not fit to serve in the Chinese army, which requires a soldier from every family, she takes initiative and goes in his stead. Mulan is not only loyal to her family, but also dedicated to the defense of her country. Despite her inexperience, she rises through the ranks to become the most skilled fighter in her troop. She exhibits Leo’s immense courage in battle against the Huns, and even when she is shunned for masquerading as a man, Mulan remains committed to saving those who have rejected herAfter saving China, Mulan is recognized by the people of China and the emperor, who offers her a position as a member of his council. Despite this honor, she chooses to return to her family.


Like the Sun, Leos bring light and happiness wherever they go. And because these dazzling stars are the center of our solar system, their big personalities will always appreciate a compliment or two, so go the extra mile and show them some extra love this month! 


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