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5 Activities to Get Cancers Out and About

by Jacqueline Quach July 06, 2021 4 min read

As the famously humble homebodies of the zodiac, Cancers have enjoyed sheltering in place more than most have during this pandemic. But after months of hunkering down, it’s finally time for us all to emerge from social hibernation and venture out into the world. This will be more of a challenge for the sign of the crab, known for its diffidence and caution, so how can you lure your Cancer companions out of their shell and into the world?

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1. Pottery Making

pottery making techniques out-of-the-box activities


Because Cancers are shy, they prefer not to hang out in busy and crowded environments, making the pottery workshop an ideal place for a relaxed rendezvous. The intimacy of two friends chatting and patiently shaping their clay creations will have a calming effect on your Cancer friend, whose intuitive and emotional nature is conducive to artistic expression. And when your Cancer eventually picks up their glazed pottery, they’ll have a personalized piece to decorate their sanctuary with. You will become a part of their home. Every time they glance at or pass their pottery, they’ll be reminded of you and the bond you share.


2. Indoor Rock Climbing

bouldering indoor rock climbing july 4th activities

Due to their analytical and critical minds, Cancers are frequently stressed about things that are out of their control. Add to this their homebody disposition, and you might find a crabby companion guilty of neglecting their mental and physical health. For the risk-averse Cancer, indoor rock climbing can serve as a form of therapy for the mind and body. Not only will being indoors allow Cancers to focus on what’s in front of them instead of around them, but being tethered to an instructor who will allow them to come down at a moment’s notice is a form of security that Cancers will appreciate. Moreover, Cancers can put their sharp minds to use as they determine the best route to climb or the best rock to advance to. This exercise in control can melt away their stress — and is a full-body workout that will build strength and improve cardio.


3. Fruit Picking

date activities fruit picking peach fruit orchard

Summer is the season of abundance, when the air is filled with the scent of ripe cherries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, figs, apricots, pears — you name it! Cancers will enjoy the self-paced structure of fruit picking, which lends itself to relaxation and contemplation. Being in the midst of nature and its bounty will remind Cancers of the world’s beauty and how small some of their problems truly are. Cancers will also be delighted by the fact that they can keep the literal fruits of their labor. Cooking and baking are amongst their favorite activities, so making jams or pies from their picked fruits will be another pleasure in and of itself for these homebodies. They’ll look forward to sharing these treats with their friends and family.

4. Mini Golfing

gemini astrology activities golfing mini putt golf

A little competition never hurt anyone, and it just might benefit your Cancer. This visually engaging and condensed version of golf will have a greater sense of structure and accomplishment than your usual round of prolonged golf, making it a more interesting sport for two friends who are total beginners. But more than just a seemingly whimsical pastime, mini golf is a game that will appeal to the logical and strategic side of Cancers. Whether it’s deciding the angle at which to hit the ball or how much force to exert when swinging your club, mini golf requires you to focus and make small decisions that can pay off big time, a balance that Cancers are tremendously good at pulling off.

5. Surprise Birthday Party!

backyard party entertaining july cancer events

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one. With restrictions being lifted across the country and the number of vaccinations increasing, it’s becoming safer for us all to see each other in person again. Especially after such a long period of isolation, there is nothing that will move a Cancer more than the presence of their loved ones. With this beautiful summer weather, it’s the perfect time to host a backyard bash replete with fun and games — and, of course, home-cooked food. Having your attendees each bring a homemade dish will strike a chord with Cancers in particular. These water signs are known to demonstrate their love through cooking for their friends and family, so the knowledge that each of their closest companions has personally prepared a dish just for them will be immensely touching for these crabs, where still waters run deep.


Although Cancers have a reputation as the shy and nervous types of the zodiac, they can let loose and have fun in the sun. They might need some pushing and prodding, but if they trust you enough, you’ll be blessed with their wittiest quips and deepest secrets in equal measure. Take some time this month to show them just how much they are loved, and you will find the sentiment reciprocated.



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