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5 Things To Never Say To A Taurus

by Jacqueline Quach April 27, 2021 3 min read

With birds chirping and flowers blooming, spring is in full swing, and birthday wishes are in order for all Taureans! But even with socially distanced and masked hangouts, we should all be careful what comes out of our mouths when in the presence of any Taurus. Though these laid-back bulls find it easy to forgive, their steel-trap memories also mean they don’t forget such slights easily.

To keep you in their good graces, here are a few things no one likes to hear, but that Taureans like hearing even less:


1. “I'm ready; we should leave in 5 minutes.”

Taurus star sign slow but steady sloth zootopia

A thorough and patient bunch, Taureans believe in getting it right the first time, which may lead to some huffing and puffing from those around them. When you tell a Taurus that they’re too slow, you not only risk implying that what they’re doing does not merit their utmost attention, but you also show a lack of appreciation for their effort. And if a Taurus is generous with their time for your sake, count yourself lucky because it’s a sign of their love or respect — which once lost is hard to regain.


2. “You’re so [insert false praise].”

Taurus Arrested Development Glare Unsure Stare Not Trusting

Taureans are no strangers to hard work. In fact, they enjoy it because the knowledge that they’ve truly earned what they’ve got is reward enough! So when someone piles on insincere compliments, Taureans can take it as a massive slap in the face because it betrays a lack of respect for them. Perhaps you think they’re too vain or not self-aware enough to realize you’re lying — which is another no-no. Taureans value honesty, and false praise simply paints you as a deceptive person who can’t be trusted.


3. “You should try doing it this way.”

Jimmy Fallon Taurus I don't know shrug reaction

As fixed signs, Taureans have a tendency to become entrenched in doing things a certain way. They’re stubborn perfectionists who have analyzed and figured out the best technique (for them), so swooping in and commandeering their project threatens the structure and security they’ve established. Trust that there is a method to their seeming madness, and you’ll be afforded the same space.


4. “Wow, big spender!”

Taurus are big spenders, they like to shop but are sensitive about it.

With Venus as their ruling planet, Taureans love to indulge in the decadent. Be it clothing or electronics or travel, they’re willing to drop top dollar for the best, which may concern those around them. While criticism of Taurean spending habits may come from a good place, it could also be construed as a judgment that you don’t believe they deserve what they’ve worked so hard to obtain. However, Taureans are usually financially prudent precisely because they enjoy the finer things in life. Just as they recognize that one must work hard to make money, so do Taureans realize that one must save money to afford — and continue to afford — the luxuries of life. They may find comfort in material possessions, but Taureans find even greater comfort in financial stability and will not live beyond their means.


5. “Impressive...I don’t know anybody who sleeps 9 hours."

Kristen Dunst Taurus lazy star sign traits like resting and chilling

Their “work hard, play hard” mentality can cause Taureans to rest on their laurels from time to time, but telling this sign that they’re lazy will only lead to locked horns. While Taureans will accept punishment for their own actions, their kind hearts can’t bear it when their action (or inaction, in this case) comes at someone else’s expense. Because they take pride in being reliable and dependable for others, the guilt of impeding someone else’s progress can serve as motivation. So if you’re hoping to get the Taurus in your life out of a rut, try acknowledging the hard work they usually exhibit while also explaining the good they could do for others by jumping into action.


When it comes down to it, Taureans are gentle beasts. They may be renowned for their strength and determination, but these bulls deserve some love and tenderness too. Be tactful if you have something to say, and remember that a genuine compliment goes a long way.


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